Process visualization software

Make your work processes visible.

Use our AI-powered MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI) software to visualize the motion data of your process flows and overcome process challenges.

What is the MotionMiners Proccess Intelligence?

Software for evaluating transaction data.

With the help of our AI-based MPI software, you get visual insights into your manual work processes. The data for this is recorded with the help of our hardware. Learn more here.

What are the key figures?

Analyze your work processes.

With the help of our AI-based software, you get visual insights into your operational manual work processes. Coupled with our hardware.

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The diversity of our key figures

Within MPI, more than 70 different process key figures can be determined and analyzed. Extensive filter functions allow a deep insight into your processes.

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Efficiency key figures

Analyze efficiency metrics such as travel, driving, handling, and waiting times, or identify areas where congestion occurs. In the analysis dashboard, you can display these process key figures in a variety of visualizations.

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Ergonomics key figures

Analyze ergonomics metrics such as the number of bending movements, steps taken, distance traveled, or time spent in a bent-over posture or overhead activities.

Quantified insights
into your work processes.

Finally give your processes a contour! MPI transforms transaction data into useful KPIs and visualizes them for you.

Optimize your process more specifically than ever before.

Make your processes tangible and achieve unprecedented process transparency. A concise status quo about your process is the optimal starting point for important decisions.

Data visualization

Capture clear patterns of movement with descriptive graphics such as charts, maps, heat maps, and time series.

Data segmentation

Divide your data by time periods, locations or user groups.


Precise data and visual representations provide a solid basis for decision-making. Managers use them for strategic alignment and resource allocation.

Continuous improvement

The analysis dashboard in our MPI software lays the foundation for your future process optimization projects.

INSIGHTS - the license model

Perform analyses independently.

Perform digital process analysis yourself. With MotionMiners INSIGHTS you get the license to
our software & hardware for a monthly flat rate. Incl. e-learning course.

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Technology Fact-Sheet

All information about the hardware and software at a glance.

Our free factsheet provides you with a comprehensive overview of our hardware and software solution.

Overview of the functions of the MPI Dashboard

Details about anonymization and data security

Technical specifications of the hardware and software